Welcome to the new Parent Resource Center website!


The Nonnie Hood Parent Resource Center is proud to present a fresh new look for nonniehoodprc.org! As part of our goal to better serve families in our community, we hope this new design will help raise awareness of our services and let parents know that the fun of the center exists just around the corner!

If you have ever visited nonniehoodprc.org in the past, you will notice a lot of the same information in this new design, just laid out in a more accessible way. Here's something fun: If you're not already looking at the site on your phone, give it a shot! The new design also has a smooth web interface similar to version on your desktop. 

Here's a quick look at what you'll find on nonniehoodprc.org, and a glimpse into what we hope to see here in the future. 

Navigation Bar


Keep an eye on the top of site and you'll never get lost! The PRC logo brings you back to the home page, while the rest of the links take you to the various pages around the newly designed site. 

Home page

On the home page, you'll find a summary of Play & Center Events, Parent Education, and our Nuturing Connections program. We consider these three components to be the driving forces behind what we do. We give parents a place to play with their children in a fun and safe environment, we provide education for parents in the form of interactive classes, and we help parents who need supervised visitation. 

Give it a quick scroll and take a look at everything we offer!


You're already here! On our blog, you'll find news and update posts (like this one), as well as detailed looks at the fun of the center, fundraising campaigns, and anything we think might interest local parents and families!



As great as we believe the PRC is, we know we can't provide everything families need. For everything you can't find at the PRC, you'll find it on our Resources page, from various centers and agencies you may need the assistance of, to our Scholastic Book orders. If you have anything you think should be added, please feel free to send us a message through our contact form or message us on Facebook. 

Speaking of...

Contact *NEW*

Looking to reach out to the PRC with questions regarding any of our programs? The Contact page is an easy-to-use form that sends an email directly to PRC staffers. On this page you will also find a staff listing and our open play hours. 

Calendar *NEW*

The Calendar is one of our most exciting new features! While marking your interest on our Facebook posts is still the best way to keep tabs on our fun upcoming events, our website Calendar has everything laid out in a simply format, and you can even add it to your personal Google Calendar so you don't miss a thing.