Gravity painting craft


Miss yesterday's Micro Angelos class? Here's how you can make your own gravity paintings at home!

What's better than dripping paint all over the place? Dripping paint all over the place on purpose! March's Micro Angelo lesson with Julie Waltz-Stalker focused on just this, while teaching children about gravity and the pure joy of artful messes.

If you missed out on the fun at the PRC, here's how you can do it at home.  


  • Early literacy skills like a pincer grasp and vocabulary such as gravity, hypothesis, and color names. 
  • A scientific intro to gravity and experimentation with color mixing.
  • Art expression through color theory and abstract expression.
  • Fun sensory-focused ways to paint!


  •  Liquid watercolor paint
  • Eyedroppers
  • Watercolor or other thick paper
  • Tape
  • Tarp, sheet, or drop cloth to catch drips
  • Book:  Gravity, by Jason Chin (optional)


  1.  Tape sheets of watercolor paper to the edges of a table so that they hang vertically.
  2.  Lay a tarp under the table to catch drips (You will thank yourself later!)
  3.  Read the book, Gravity, by Jason Chin.  Discuss how gravity makes everything fall to earth.  Make hypotheses about how this will affect paint.
  4.  Give children paint and eyedroppers and let them experiment with dripping paint at the top of their papers and letting it drip down to make different designs and colors.
  5.  Discuss what is happening as children paint.

**PARENT CHALLENGE:  Try to avoid giving feedback like “That’s pretty!”  Instead, describe what your child is doing.

“That drip went all the way to the bottom of the page!”
“When you dripped red onto the yellow you made orange.”
"You used bright colors!"