Rainbow Painting craft

Miss yesterday's Micro Angelos class? Here's how you can make your own rainbow paintings at home!

Spring showers are still covering our little section of the world, and that means rainbows are sprouting up all around us! To celebrate, we learned how to paint our own rainbows at the PRC using reflected light. Kids loved seeing the rainbows created by the reflective CDs and painting their own interpretation of what they saw. 

We did this activity inside; if you do the same, it's a good idea to use flashlights with very bright LEDs in a dark room for the best results. Or, you could also do this outside on a bright sunny day! Let the sun be your light source and paint the reflections that it creates.

Learning Through Play:

  • Vocabulary: Rainbow, color names, prism, reflect.

  • Science: Explore what happens when  light bends and reflects.

  • Fine motor: Pincer grasp — using small brushes, holding flashlights.

Supply list

  • Old CDs, or a prism if you have it.

  • Flashlights (w/ bright LED)

  • Small paintbrushes.

  • Tempera paint in various colors.

  • White paper.

  • White sheet (optional).


  1. OPTIONAL: Drape a white sheet over the table.  This helps the rainbows show up better.

  2. Show children how light reflects off a CD to reflect a rainbow on the sheet/paper.

  3. Give kids flashlights and CDs and let them experiment with their own reflecting.  Notice how shapes, sizes, and colors change as children move flashlights closer to/farther away from the CDs.

  4. Have children try to paint the rainbows they see.  (OPTIONAL: Have children work in pairs—one can hold the flashlight while the other paints the rainbow; then switch places.