The PRC has become integral to the lives of many local families. Here are a few of their stories.


“It's an amazing place for a child to grow. Since I am a SAHM, other kid interaction is slightly limited compared to going to daycare. The PRC is an amazing place for developing social skills.”

- Peterson family, PRC members since 2017


“There are so many benefits of the prc; socialization through play, learning activities of all kinds, lots of toys, unique events, and adult socialization as well. It is a place to come and interact with your child and a place to let your child play on their own while grabbing a cup of tea or coffee. There is also information and classes available for parents, to help meet their parenting needs. I could keep going on about how awesome the prc is. We always look forward to going!”

- Winnie family, PRC members since 2015


“I love that it is a safe place to play, so many different toys, and it always amazes me how quickly everything gets picked up and put away at closing time.”

- Adams family, PRC members since 2017


“The PRC has meant so much to our family. It's more than a clean and safe place to go with kids (though that means a lot too). The people who work there really care and the kids love it. It has meant the world to us to have someone we trust with our child. They bring so much to this community. Our personal favorite are the Kids Night In evenings but they offer tons of other things as well! Priceless part of Corning.”

- O’Neill family, PRC members since 2013