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Volunteer Spotlight

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Brittany Linder

Brittany Linder, our board president. is a partner at Chaffee & Linder, PLLC, where her primary focus is on family and matrimonial law. She has volunteered at the PRC as a board member since 2017, and her firm is one of the PRC's generous sponsors of Starry Night 2020.  In this interview, she talks about our Nurturing Connections Supervised Visitation Program.

At left, Brittany Linder and family.

We are so grateful for the staff, volunteers and donors who help make the PRC's mission possible, and look forward to shining the spotlight on some of them over the coming months

Why did you decide to start volunteering at the PRC?
We discovered the PRC when my husband and I were fostering our great nephew. We needed a place for the mother to have supervised visits where the child would be safe and there would be a neutral third party observing the visitation and reporting back to the court. After a couple of visits, I fell in love with the PRC and everything it had to offer, and began to learn more about the center and this program - not only for our foster child, but for my clients. I was glad to begin board service in 2017 as a way to advocate for the PRC within Family Court and the broader community.
What is the best part about volunteering at the PRC?
The best part about volunteering for the PRC is that I have been able to support the the supervised visitation program by providing a family attorney's perspective on how the program can best serve the goal of strengthening families. I have represented both custodial and non-custodial parents and have been on the side requesting that a parent have supervised visits and on the side of the parent who is required to have supervised visits. This program can be essential to helping parents establish and/or maintain a relationship with their child and ensure that the child is safe during visits. 

What do you most value about the PRC?
The thing that I most value about the PRC is how it serves families with a variety of needs in our community. Not only does it enable parents needing supervised visitation to visit with their children but it also offers a safe, fun and clean place for children and families to come and play, especially on rainy days. The parent education, children's camps and short term childcare are also great resources for families.

What do you do when you’re not working/volunteering?
When I am not volunteering for the PRC or working, I spend time with my family, typically trying to find new places to explore.
What was your favorite childhood game?
My favorite childhood game to play was either Candy Land or Pretty, Pretty Princess.

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