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Drop-In Play

Drop-in Play is FREE for all families.

Come to the PRC and enjoy a day of play with creative activities, educational fun, and imaginative exploration! 


Welcome to the PRC

Stop by our welcome desk as you enter the PRC to check your family in with one of our friendly staff members. 

New? Drop-in visits and most of our programs are free! Our staff will be glad to give you a tour of the center and help you register your family.


Lots to Explore

There are lots of toys and fun nooks and crannies to explore at the PRC! From train sets and marble maze sets, to ride-on toys and dress up clothes, the PRC has so many options to choose from!


Does your child like building sets? We have lots of different types! Do you have a musician in the family? There are lots of instruments to choose from!


Arts & Crafts

If your children love to paint but you hate the mess, bring them to the PRC! We have painting easels, smocks, and all of the painting supplies your little one needs to make a masterpiece!

We also have a large hands-on bin filled with fun sensory materials that we rotate weekly. Some fun things we've done in the past include beans, sand and water, 


Infant Area

While the main PRC play area is bustling with walkers and up, we have created a quiet baby-gated area for little ones. There are age-appropriate toys for babies, along with a couch, rocking chair, baby bouncer, crib, and more! 


Playground Fun

If you've got a climber, we've got you covered!  Children love our play system, with platforms, stairs, and slides.


IMG_2144 (1).JPG

Sensory Nook

Here at the PRC we have added new ways to welcome children with different abilities and their families, including:

  • Expanded "safe spaces," little nooks where children can take a break from the wonderful sensory stimulation of PRC play. Every child benefits from these special spaces!

  • More sensory friendly toys and materials, light filtered areas and calming bags - available to all our families!

  • Email for more information about how we can best serve your family.


Coffee & Kitchen Corner Ready to serve you, once again!

We didn't forget all of the special caregivers! Tucked away in the back corner is a kitchenette with a coffee pot to energize your day. 

Families are welcome to bring their own snacks or meals (please note: we are a peanut-free facility). There are highchairs, child and adult-sized tables and chairs to enjoy a meal with friends. 

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