The PRC believes that play is an important part of child development, especially when done with a trusted grown-up.


To help offset the cost of supplies, staff, and materials, there is a $2 charge per family for each visit to the PRC. Your first visit is free, and there is a scholarship program available for families unable to pay.




Give your kiddos an incredible experience as they enjoy a week of socialization, themed crafts and activities, healthy snacks, and learning through play! Camp weeks run Tuesday-Friday, two hours daily. This program is for children ages 2-8. Pre-registration is required. Check the calendar for the next scheduled event!


Kids Night In

Enjoy a date night while the kids play at the PRC with our incredible staff! Dinner and activities included. Pre-registration is required. Select Friday evenings. Check the calendar for the next scheduled event!


Me Time

Who couldn't use a little Me Time? Non-traditional childcare when you need it most in a clean, comfortable, familiar atmosphere. Drop-off care that meets your needs and allows for your child to grow and discover the PRC. Select Thursdays! Check the calendar for the next scheduled event!


Birthday Parties

The PRC provides families with a fun, colorful, kid-friendly learning environment where they may host their child's birthday party or other family celebration. A professional staff member will be on-hand to help ease any worries! Pre-registration and pre-payment are required.

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The PRC empowers parents to seek out education opportunities. Parent education can be found all around us: a formal class, an informal conversation with another parent, or a referral to a specialized group.


View the calendar for upcoming educational programs.



Parenting with Heart

This parenthood workshop series offers an informal, comfortable environment where parents discuss topics that interest them! In this 10-week series parents choose what they want to or need to learn from a number of topics that include such things as discipline, child safety, communication, child development, and the importance of self-care. Parenting with Heart sessions are facilitator led, round-table discussions and take place in relaxed setting.


Flexible Families

This is a program that helps reduce the impact and long-term effects of divorce or separation on children by teaching their parents how to contain conflict and act in the best interest of the child. This course encourages effective communication, problem solving, and conflict resolution. Pre-registration is required for this one- day workshop.

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24/7 Dads

This community-based program seeks to provide a safe and comfortable space for dads, step-dads, dads-to-be, grandfathers, and other father figures to come together. 24/7 Dad™ focuses on key fathering characteristics — like masculinity, discipline, and work/family balance!


FLIP IT: Transforming Challenging Behavior

FLIP IT© Teaches four, easy to remember steps to help children identify their feelings, learn healthy self-control and reduce challenging behaviors. FLIP IT© is for anyone…parents, grandparents, teachers, childcare providers. While the best results happen for those who engage in a 5-week series, the program can be tailored to fit the audience. Other options include: 3-hour overview to full-day or two-day sessions. Facilitator is certified by Devereux Center for Resilient Children.

Supervised Visitation


The goal of the family visitation program is to minimize stress placed on families when they find themselves in a situation requiring supervised visits. The family visitation staff is able to diffuse conflict, encourage positive parent-child interaction, provide informal parent education and positive role modeling as well as facilitate the growth of family relationships.

All visitations that are referred to take place at the PRC and do not have a case worker present throughout the entire visit are required to enroll in the Nurturing Connections Supervised Visitation Program.

Families interested in enrolling may drop in with court paperwork for an intake appointment during PRC open hours. The following must be in place prior to the scheduling and beginning of visitation:

  • Updated court paperwork on file

  • Completed intake paperwork including determining the family’s fee based on the Nurturing Connection’s sliding fee scale as well as establishing a Parent Education Plan.

  • An intake meeting with both parties (separately) with the Supervised Visitation Coordinator

Please call the PRC and ask to speak with the Supervised Visitation Coordinator for more information, or see the Supervised Visitation flyer here