Nurturing Connections

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Our Nurturing Connections Supervised Visitation Program provides supervised visitation at the PRC during private hours.

The center staff and space offer a welcoming atmosphere for adults and young children. Toys, crafts, reading, writing and STEM activities promote positive, playful relationships. Comfortable adult seating and free coffee are also available to families, and eating areas are available for families.


Participating families also receive free parent education classes to help nurture their parent-child relationship.


The PRC staff are specially trained to supervise parent-child interactions with a focus on the safety and wellbeing of the child/ren and neutrality between parties. Documentation of attendance and visit observations are available to all parties.


Eligibility & Cost

Any family with a court order for supervised visitation is eligible to apply. Fees range from $10 to $100 every three months based on income, and scholarship opportunities are available. Once enrolled, families can participate in the program as long as needed, subject to their following program guidelines and policies.


For More Information

Sheila Harewood, Supervised Visitation Coordinator / 607-218-7181

Download Supervised Visitation Flyer HERE.

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