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Staff Spotlight

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Angela Smith

Many people support the PRC’s mission to help families with young children: board members,  staff,  volunteers,  donors and community partners. We’re excited to spotlight Angela Smith, PRC Staff member since 2017.

Angela Smith with daughter Sydney.

Why led you to become a staff member at the PRC?
My friend told me about the PRC and that they were hiring.
What is the best part about working at the PRC?
The people I work with!

What do you value most about the PRC?
The way we strive to support our families and provide a safe place for play, learning,
and social growth.

What do you do when you’re not working?
I like to read, watch TV, paint, garden, travel (though not as often as I wish), cross stitch, and spend time with my family!
What was your favorite childhood game?
I didn't really have a favorite game, but my cousins and I always played alot of tag, hide-n-seek, and statues. We played outside a lot too. Even in the winter we had snow ball fights, built snow people, and snow forts!

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