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Volunteer of the Year


Dana Watkins

On behalf of the Nonnie Hood Parent Resource Center’s Board of Directors and staff, we are pleased to announce that volunteer Dana Watkins has been awarded the PRC’s Outstanding Volunteer Award for many years of valuable service to the PRC!

Dana has volunteered with the PRC since 2007. In the words of someone who nominated him, "I believe Dana deserves this recognition because he has volunteered at the PRC for over a decade, works hard when he is here - sanitizing, cleaning, shredding, folding calendars, making dye cuts, etc., which is so helpful and saves the staff precious time. He loves the PRC and its staff. Dana is sweet and kind, and his smile lights up the room.”

We asked Dana to share a little bit about himself and his experience volunteering for the PRC.

Why did you decide to start volunteering at the PRC?
I've always enjoyed working in a fun, kid-friendly environment. When my mom worked as a preschool teacher, I would join her after my morning at Wegmans, and I enjoyed being with the 4 year olds. 

What is the best part about volunteering at the PRC?
The days when they buy me ice cream!

What do you most value about the PRC?
I value the staff because they value me- they are my friends!

What do you do when you’re not working/volunteering?
I help with chores around home, spend time on my iPad, listen to music- Celtic Thunder is my favorite. I call relatives and friends on the phone. I look at photos of family and friends- I have boxes of paper photos! I also like to make cassette tapes- record and send them to my family; and I love listening to ones they send me in return. I always remember everyone's birthday with a phone call or card- or both! I also do some social activities with Pathways. 
What was your favorite childhood game?
I loved playing Bingo and Uno. 

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