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Virtual Visits

Our Supervised Virtual Visitation Program provides virtual supervised visitation to support the relationship between parent and child(ren). This service offers an alternative to in-person visits.

Details: The PRC staff are specially trained to supervise parent-child interactions with a focus on the safety and well being of the child(ren) and neutrality between parties. Staff will coordinate the virtual visits and provide support before, during and afterward, including suggestions for conversation topics and activities during the visit. Documentation of attendance and visit observations are available to all parties.

Length/schedule: Virtual visits are offered by phone or video. Suggested length is 15-30 minutes long.  The PRC will work with families to organize a schedule that works best for all parties.

Parent Education: All parents enrolled in our Nurturing Connections Program (including virtual and in-person visit families) are invited to participate in Flexible Families, a free virtual parent education class that teaches skills for parenting through separation and divorce.  Non-custodial parents are required to take this class within the first 3 months of enrollment.

Eligibility & Cost:  Any family with a court order for supervised visitation is eligible to apply.  First priority is given to families already enrolled in our Nurturing Connections Supervised Visitation Program. Once enrolled, families can participate in the program as long as needed, subject to their following program guidelines and policies.

Free through September 2020.

For more information, contact Sheila Harewood, Supervised Visitation Coordinator at: or 607-218-7181

Download flyer here.


To apply for supervised visitation, please fill out an online application HERE.

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